Android Local Vault Question

Hi all.

Just purchased the Android version of Cryptomator. I’m only interested in ‘local vault’ (non cloud) use and would like to know: what is the simplest way I can move files from my PC into the Android Cryptomator vault (without having to move the unencrypted files to the Android device first, then add to vault from Android storage)? Happy to have paid to support a project of this kind, even if what I’m asking is not possible.

Thanks for any help, app seems excellent!

Hey and welcome to the Cryptomator Community :slightly_smiling_face:,

Create a vault using the desktop app, move or copy all files to be encrypted into the vault on the desktop and then transfer the complete vault (folder) to the android phone. Then you can add this existing vault from local storage on the android device and everything is done.

You can transfer the vault folder from the desktop to the Android phone using a USB cable and simple copy, you can use something like Syncthing or any other way to transfer files to an Android device.

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Thank you for the fast reply!

If I choose to move the vault over to Android via the USB cable method, I assume I update by updating the vault on PC, then replacing the previous version of the vault on Android?

That would be a possibility but all changes made using the Android app wouldn’t make it to the desktop app, if you change the vault only on the desktop this would work.

If you need a two way sync (also make changes using the Android app) I would look into something like Syncthing to synchronize the vault using local network (not internet) bidirectional between those devices in the background without any interactions and basic sync conflict resolution etc.

Would it be possible to connect the Android device via USB, then browse to a vault on the Android device via the Windows app, add it as an existing vault to the Windows app and add files this way?

Hope that make sense! Basically, can I access/add files to a vault on an Android device “in place” via USB cable and the Windows app?


Yes that is possible and will work… :+1: nice idea.

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Not sure I can remember the last time I had such speedy and polite tech help direct from the creator of an app!

Thanks once again, I’ll be sure to recommend Cryptomator to my friends.


I’m trying to figure out a problem I’m having accessing Android Cryptomator vaults from my PC (Windows 10 for Workgroups). I frequently connect my phone (running Android 11) to my PC. I move files between the phone and the PC, edit text files on the phone from the PC and save them back to the phone, etc, so I know that the connection works and that I can navigate both the phone’s interior storage and the SD card, and that I can see all of the phone folders, files, etc in both the interior storage and the SD in most of the apps on my PC.

I can copy a vault from my PC to the phone, find it in Cryptomator on the phone app, read the files, save them, etc. So that works OK. What I can’t get to work is creating a vault on the phone via the phone app and then opening it in the Windows app. The Windows app sees the phone-created vault OK, sees the masterkey.cryptomator file OK, but does nothing once I select the masterkey file. What I mean by “nothing” is that I get to the “add vault” “choose” screen, choose the masterkey file in the phone vault, click “Open” and nothing happens, I just get kicked back to the “add vault” screen. This happens whether the phone-created vault is in interior storage or the SD card.

I know I’m replying to an old thread, but I hope someone will be able to give me some suggestions or solutions.

Thanks for any help…

PS – none of the phone vaults are in root. For the most part they are in the internal storage “Documents” folder.

Jeez, make that “Windows 10 for Workstations”, not “workgroups”.

[Edit]. I couldn’t post a reply to SailReal, who asked “What does this mean” because I’m a newbie and only allowed 3 replies. So I’m hoping to amend this post to include my disallowed reply.

My reply: I spaced out and typed “… for workgroups” rather than “… for Workstations”. Windows for Workgroups is an old version of Windows 3.1 (it was Windows 3.11). which I used to use. “Windows for Workstations” is a variety of Windows 10 Pro 64 specifically created to run on workstations, esp those with Xeon cpus. My current desktop is a Lenovo Thinkstation, ie, a workstation with a Xeon cpu among other things that make it a workstation (gpu, ram, etc).

Thank you very much for sharing your results.

Jeez, make that “Windows 10 for Workstations”, not “workgroups”.

What does this mean? Maybe someone else stumbles about this problem too…

How did you arrive to that? I do not see anything in my “Documents”.

I am trying to load a .kdbx file but can’t find it anywhere

I’m not clear if you’re asking about the location of Cryptomator vaults or about a specific Keepass database, so I’ll reply to both and hopefully one answer or the other will be applicable :slight_smile:

The vaults are in Documents because that’s where I put them – either when I created a new vault using the Android app, or by creating a vault on my PC and then copying or moving it to my phone-- sometimes by connecting the phone to my PC via usb, sometimes by putting the vault on Dropbox or Google Drive after having first created it on the PC, and then copying it from Dropbox/GD to my phone. Sometimes I’ll put a copy of a vault on my phone’s SD card so that I have a convenient backup if needed. Also backup copies on S3 and Backblaze B2 for some vaults.

As for finding the kdbx file, you should be able to do a search for all files with that extension. It might be a matter of where Keepass created the datbase file. When you make a new DB on your phone you can choose the location. I currently use KeepassDX on my phone, and have used Keepass for years.

Hope this helps…

Hey, thanks for the fast reply.

Perhaps I misunderstood the workflow of using Cryptomator in Android. I have the vault in a pCloud drive and was assuming a mounted volume that will always get synced. But from what you describe, I’d have to make a copy of the file/vault andove it locally to my Android system. That would explain why my “Documents” folder is empty.

I don’t know pCloud, but if pCloud can sync to and from android then it should sync a vault. My guess. I can upload a vault from my PC to S3 or B2 via FTP and the vault works fine from my phone once I add it to the vault list in Cryptomator. And I can do it the other direction as well (phone to S3, for instance). But just bear in mind that Cryptomator isn’t a sync app on its own.

See Does the mobile apps differ in functionality from the desktop applications? for information about the difference of the desktop and the mobile apps.