Android - How To Add FOLDER To Vault

How To Add FOLDER To Vault

I want to add an unencrypted Folder (which contains a few other folders and files) to a vault so it wiil then be, obviously, encrypted.

This not about ‘Create folder’ within the vault
…nor about selecting multiple files.

If I can’t do this, I’ve wasted my money.


Hey and welcome to the Cryptomator Community :slightly_smiling_face:,

Recursively adding folders is currently not possible. We track this issue in #63. Currently we’re in the progress of developing a document provider which will also help in this scenario but will still need some time: #35

If the app doesn’t fit your needs, send me your mail address with which you made the purchase in a direct message and we will initiate a refund.

Hey Julian
Thank you for the reply, although disappointing, I can now focus my efforts elsewhere. Although, if I zip those folders/files…hmm…something to think about. Another step, but might be worth it.

As for a refund, I don’t need one. I enjoy supporting projects like this, even if they aren’t exactly for me. And, from what you wrote, it might be someday; but I’m not holding my breath. :wink:

Since I have your ear/eyes, I have some suggestions to improve the Documentation. Feel free to move this part to wherever is most appropriate.

Below is what I wrote after being extremely frustrated with setting up Cryptomator. I did finally figure it out, but…

I’ve read the Docs at, and some posts here, but I’m obviously missing something. I’ve been using Android for six years, and have used/tested Hundreds of very technical apps (often as beta tester for devs) so am pretty quick with these things, but I’m having great difficulty figuring this thing out.

Any help appreciated


  • In the Docs, perhaps the first thing a user sees, is a simple bulleted list of steps, instead of page after page of repeated instructions (does each instruction really need a full explanation of logging in?, for instance).
  • Or, at least, make them downloadable. I would think that most people who use this app are fairly knowledgeable, and would appreciate a condensed version of the setup procedure.

Something along the lines of:

  • Install app and make any desired changes in Settings
  • Create connection to your Cloud Provider in Setting > General > Cloud services
  • et. al.

This would let folks see what all needs to be done, in general, and if they need to they can then read the detailed instructions.