Android for Work / bulk licensing

I’d like to make Cryptomator available for Android users in my organization. We use Google G-Suite to manage apps for work, but I’m unable to add Cryptomator to the whitelist. Could this be because Cryptomator doesn’t support bulk licensing?

See this page:

Quote of particular interest:
If you have a paid app, you must opt-in and agree to the managed Google Play Addendum to the Developer Distribution Agreement to allow enterprises to bulk-purchase your app*.

Thank you for your feedback! We just activated “Managed Google Play”. But I’m not quite sure why we’re unable to activate the “bulk purchase” option. Is it because of the footnote in your link that says “US and Canada only”? Couldn’t find any other information on this.

Thanks, @tobihagemann, I’ll keep an eye on Play store and see if I can manage the app tomorrow. These changes can take some time to propagate…

Still not able to whitelist the app in my organization for some reason, but it’s also a European org, so who knows if this works in US :wink:

Thanks for the effort, anyway!