Android File Search does not work or could not be understood

The Android App file search does not work. It never finds anything :pensive:
Example If I type “save” and there is a file that has the name “OpenSavedFile.txt” in the current folder, than the App should find it. Currently the search does not find “Open*” or “save”.
I have read a very complicated guide on how the search should work, but I did not understand it, or it is simply not practical for using the app.

The current search may make sense, but couldn’t you implement a further search mode that works intuitively for everyday life?
Such a feature is quite important, especially with many file entries.

If you have a file OpenSavedFile.txt you have two options to find the file. If you go to Cryptomator settings and disable Search using glob pattern (default is disabled) under Search it is a “starts with” search. It should find this file when you enter e.g. Open or OpenS. If you activate the Search using glob pattern option, you can e.g. enter Open.* or .*Save.*. The . stands for all characters and the * for any amount of this type.

Confusing is, that the option is called glob pattern but follows regular expressions.

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Thanks for your explanations. That helps me once.
For the “normal” user this is not entirely understandable. And it is case-sensitive. To do this, I have to know exactly the spelling of the file name. And I have to use characters like “.” and “*”. On a smartphone that is not comfortable.

Wouldn’t it be better if there was a search mode that case-insensitive and always searches for a text part.
i. e.: I write save and the file OpenSaveFile.txt is found.
Would such a feature have a chance of being implemented in the Android App?

That is why it is disabled and the default search pattern “uses” start with case-insensitive. Regex by definition is case-sensitive but more for advanced users for powerful queries. Your suggestion isn’t bad, maybe we can implement a third search algorithm. Just wrote this request and will add your suggestion into this issue too

A search with .*book.* only finds files like “Mybook” or “Yourbook” but not “TheirBook” - because the search is case sensitive by default (I think). I’ve tried to use .*book.*/i but this does’nt work - is there any suggestion to search case insensitive?
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This will be possible soon, see:

Starting with version 1.6.9 you can type book and it will find “Mybook”, “Yourbook” and “TheirBook”.

thank you!!
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I assume you have downloaded the Cryptomator app from the Playstore. If you want, you can join our testers, as we released version 1.7.0-beta1 yesterday, which supports the improved search feature: Inloggen - Google Accounts

Google is currently still verifying this version, but it should be available today or tomorrow.