[Android] [Feature request] Photo zoom

I would like to could do zoom while seeing photos (also slide as suggested in other topic). In my case its because I have a skin condition that I have to usually take photos of it to show later to my dermatologist and its more convenient to could see it inside Cryptomator instead downloading all to see it in another app. Thanks!

While clicking on a picture inside a Cryptomator-Vault the picture will be opened in our preview app. If you double click inside the image you can zoom into it or by putting two fingers on the screen and increasing the disctance between the fingers…here is a video which describes how does it work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Abu1CYv47_0

Lol, yes its true, I tried two fingers the last time but didn’t worked, now it worked as expected. Lets forget this stupid moment of mine :joy: Thank you!