Android data acces by another apps

I made my last test with the tool on my Android mobile.
Unfortunately, I can’t do what I want.
I thought it worked like on PC, a folder accessible to other applications, which can modify the files.

But it seems that the tool was not built to allow files to be manipulated outside of cryptomator, at least I didn’t find this feature.

I want the obsidian application to have the rights to manipulate the files directly, but I can’t find the mount point

In Android, this is normally achieved via a so-called document provider. As we have not yet completed the implementation, this is not yet possible. You can follow this issue for any progress on this topic Allow vault access by other apps through Document Provider · Issue #35 · cryptomator/android · GitHub

That’s a very sad news !

But we are now in the midle of 2022, who is one year after the last update.

I tried all the systems, boxcryptor, gocryptfs, CryFS…
The most advanced to be used with the use I want to make is cryptomator.
I hope this will succeed

The lack of custom mount point means I can’t open anything from cryptomator IF I start in the other app. But there are certain file types and applications where I can still browse to select the file from within the cryptomator app on my phone, and then I am prompted to select the application to open it up for editing… and when I’m done editing I press back and I’m returned to the cryptomator app and there is a “file writing” message and the file becomes updated in the vault (also within cryptomator make sure the setting “keep vault open while editing files” is activated). One example which works this way is “open office” documents when used with Collabora office app on android. On the other hand, microsoft office documents do not play well with cryptomator when used with the microsoft office apps.

So… if you’re just editing one file at a time then it’s relatively easy to access your documents through cryptomator if there is an association between the file type and your application… AND if the application does things the way that Collabora does it (not the way that MS does it). I don’t know the details of what goes on under the hood for these two apps or why they act differently, other than that the doc provider upgrade (when it comes out) will resolve the microsoft problem.

Obsidian is a notepad application that only processes txt files.
But the application needs to have access to all the folder with all the files, which is not possible now.

But I’m just surprised, that after almost a year since the project was announced, there is no more information about an availability of the function qui semble etre reporté régulièrement.