Android Cryptomator gets stuck inside Dropbox's permission page to manage account

When selecting an existing vault for the first time on Android, and chosing a vault hosted in Dropbox :

  • it launches the Dropbox app and first shows a permission page : “Cryptomator would like to manage your files on your dropbox - allow / chose another acount”.
  • I try to allow, a progression bar quickly apears then disappears and I am blocked in that same page asking the same thing again and again.
  • When I check my Dropbox parameters from a desktop PC, I see that Cryptomator-for-Android actually HAS the permission to interact with my files as a newly authorized third-party app. But on my Android device, I’ll never get out of that same page. Trapped and frozen!

For that reason I requested cancelation of my purchase and refund. How to fix that? I am the only one?

(Android 5.0 on a LG G3)

Are you blocked on the page of Dropbox or Cryptomator?

You can help us investigate the problem by turning on Debug Mode in Settings try to add your existing vault from Dropbox.If you are blocked again you can return back to the Settings menu and send us the log file so we can look into the problem.

Thank you for your quick answer.

I am on the Dropbox interface inside Cryptomator app - I mean, when I leave and then re-open Cryptomator, it leads me to that Dropbox screen. I need to terminate the app from the Applications menu to get the Cryptomator again.

I’ll send you the log immediately through a Dropbox link : click here to download my log file

Android Error Report

Device Info

Cryptomator v1.2.0 (1463)
Android 5.0 / API21
Device LG-D855

Illustration :