[ANDROID] Cryptomator 2.0 read-only for free as well?

Will there be a free read-only feature in Android 2.0 like in the new iOS version as well? That would be wonderful.

It’s also in our interest to align the different platforms. But we haven’t announced anything officially/publicly yet. We’ll follow up on that in the next year. :wink:

This sounds promising ;-). It would be perfect to have a free decrypt version on FDroid. By offering this, Cryptomator would be even more attractive since this would result in a fall back option to decrypt data even when there might be no cryptomator version in the Play Store once (in 3757 years). Hopefully this would of course never be the case :upside_down_face:. But we talk about security software here. Therefore a fall back of the backup of the backups becomes interesting :smile:

You can already install Cryptomator using F-Droid and also install an APK version with auto updater included, see Setup Cryptomator for Android for further information (but yes, It’s not a free in terms of payment version).

I know, bought this one once as well and have a key. I wasn’t aware that there is now need to be connected to your servers while installing it, but didn’t test it. Then I’m already save regarding unavailability :wink: . Anyhow, fdroid would be nice as well :slightly_smiling_face:. Promoting Cryptomator would be even easier then (i using it in the family and some charity projects as well). Having such an approach for iOS is anyway perfect, although there is no benefit regarding safety, since App Store is needed of course. Since encryption is essential from my point of view, I’m VERY happy with your approach. The lower the usability hurdle the better. I’m using C on Android, iPad and Windows :wink:

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