Android App - very slowly Upload/ Encryption

Hello, I use the app under Android 14 on a Samsung device. I have connected the app to my own cloud (webdav). Encrypting and uploading minimal text files takes a long time. Also create a text file in the app (approx. 30 seconds). Slow internet connection can. be excluded. Is that normal?
Thanks for your answers.


It is not.
I am also using my own storage via Webdav and it is as fast as my internet connection.
And that’s the point. The speed of your webdav connection is not only limited by your internet speed. It might be limited by the server you are connecting to as well.

Hello, thanks for your answer. In a local vault the Speed ist well.
Logically, nothing else can be set in the app?
greetings beforehand

No, there is nothing else to be set up.
But the local vault does not use a WebDAV connection.
To me it looks like the server you are connecting to via WebDAV has not the fastest connection (if your general internet connection is not the problem)
But I can just guess, as I cannot reproduce this.

OK, thanks, i use Strato, its a big One, where also Run Homepages of many big companys.
Have a good time. Bey