Android App: translations

I have already completed the missing Spanish translation at POEditor, but I couldn’t find anything related to the Android app. I guess it refers only to the desktop application, I’d like to help with the translation of the Android app into Spanish as I think Cryptomator is great for most of people, even for non-geeks. I’m willing to promote it among my friends, but most of them are regular non-English speaker users.
Is the translation project located anywhere else?

You’re right, we didn’t have anything equivalent for the Android app yet. I’ve just uploaded the current localization file here:

We temporarily added the project to POEditor:

If you’re interested in the Spanish translation, you can go for it. :slight_smile: :+1: But still, we have to look for a new localization platform for our mobile apps. But that’s something that you don’t have to worry about. :wink:

Spanish translation is now completed at POEditor :slight_smile:


That was fast, awesome! Thank you! :bow:

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