Android App on Chromebook question

I have been trying to use the Android App on my Chromebook. When I open the app it opens a tall, skinny window (like a phone screen). I can re-size the app, but any content (such as a photos or videos) remains in the small form factor. Is there a way to re-size the files to take advantage of the full screen size?

Thank you!

I reproduced this on a Chromebook laptop (Acer Spin 13, Intel-based) while there has never been an issue on my Chromebook tablet (Acer Tab10, Arm-based), but there I can’t resize windows to start with, they are always maximized.

The way to solve it: Maximize Cryptomator window, then close the application. Reopen Cryptomator. Now it should remember its size from last time (maximized) and will display images full screen as well.

The reason I never noticed before is that I primarily use the Debian Linux-version of Cryptomator on the Intel-based Chromebook.