Android App Cryptomator Status?

Hi All,

since many months is on the page the message

Cryptomator für Android ist zurzeit nicht als APK-Download erwerblich
and unfortunately also the URL on this page to download the latest Beta
does not work. Domain does not exist …

Does anybody knows, if there any “real” plans to revitalize this with a new app
and when? If yes does it takes weeks, months or even longer?

On several pages in the internet it is possible to find a Cryptomator-0.7.0.apk file.
But it is not possible, to check this app if it is evil or not because of lacking from a HASH
to compare from the Cryptomator page.
Does anybody knows the HASH from this app?



Question: is there a reason you do not install from playstore?

The beta is over, there’s an official release in the playstore. So I suggest there will be no apk download in the near future anymore.

You know, some people may live in restricted regions of the world :slight_smile:
I understand that the company should make money but at least the old beta version for simple things for those that can’t pay will be good.


Fortunately i had downloaded 0.7 version before removation and after lots of search in my files i found it.

This is the Hash of apk of version 0.7:
File Name: Cryptomator_0.7.0.apk

CRC-32: A0D48B54

MD5: 973E6B96 09E9F374 A92E447B D0D82119

SHA-1: 44AA56E9 264C6B09 9A8232D7 03A0B3F7 49B36BBE

SHA-256: 55E7CC5F 6892C707 3F231297 EAF9DE5B 8669ABCB 78EE0624 5FE5321B 1E85B939

SHA-512 : 811C67CF 8E7D383B 49DC4D21 65C3CD20 1EE02D67 BBA9580E 6EAEC0A0 7982AA3A E2E4B4F5 4B0F0CBB C3CC3C25 3FCD29F9 5B55B879 99CC74C5 E1B091BB E5652995

Also the size:
2.91 MB (3,062,218 bytes)