Android 8.0+ will soon be required?

I am evaluating Cryptomator and am impressed so far. But I think I’ve discovered a future issue with my existing hardware.

While I would adore your multiple Onedrive support for Android I see that you are soon to require a minimum Android version of 8.0. My phone is Android 7.0.

Do you soon intend your Android 7.0 app to be unsupported with no future security vulnerabilites addressed?

How long could I reasonably expect the Android 7.0 version of your app to keep working if I upgrade to the lastest version of your software on my Linux desktop?

Thank you for these clarifications!

Hey and welcome to the Cryptomator Community :slightly_smiling_face:,

You’re right, since version 1.7.0-beta1 we dropped support for Android 7.x devices. We have always tried to support as many devices as possible, including extra code we write for older Android versions but we are bound to our libraries, in this case the Microsoft Onedrive SDK, which now requires at least Android 8.0. I know this is super annoying with Android devices that are only supported for quite a short time but the trend seems to be slowly shifting (e.g. Pixel 6) which makes me feel hopeful.

This can not be foreseen and generally I would not use outdated software, but this applies even more to the operating system that has not received any security updates (for Android 7.0) since October 2019. Even Android 8 no longer gets any since four months. It is really sad but I can only recommend to get a newer phone or install a custom ROM to at least close the vulnerabilities fixed in Android (possibly some still remain in the firmware).


Thank you for the clarifications. I wish you all the best with your project development.

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