Amazon Kinesis and Amazon Metrics In Android App


I’m a licenced user on Android, obtaining Crytpomator from your F-Droid repo.

Very recently ClassyShark listed the following for Cryptomator:

²AWS Kinesis

*²AWS Kinesis

I was in the thought of using Cryptomator as an open-source tracker free app. Could you please help explain what Amazon Metrics is doing within the app?

Thank you.

Please read the information in the following issue about this topic: Tracking added to F-Droid build? · Issue #312 · cryptomator/android · GitHub

Kinesis isn’t added to the app at all but metrics because this comes with the Amazon’s S3 client to connect to a S3 storage and cant be excluded but is disabled and there is no way to enable it for a user so not just disabled by default but disabled at all.

To avoid misunderstandings we have replaced the dependency and since 1.6.0-alpha1 we’re using the minio client for the connection with S3 storage which removes the disabled metrics stuff again.

Thank you for the prompt response SailReal.
I’m not a developer to check whats been mentioned in the github issue so I’ll take you word for it.
Looking forward to the next clean release of Cryptomator!

Thanks again and best.