Always says "destination has files with the same name"

I created a vault on microsd card. When I am copying files to that folder, it always had the below popup. Even it was my first time using that vault, and no matter what files I copied. Help



To help you, one does need to know the answer to the follwing questions:

  1. What version of Cryptomator are you using?
  2. What is your OS (incl. Version)?
  3. What method to provide an unlocked vault is selected in the general settings?

Furthermore, does this also appear if you are creating a new vault on your local hard drive or just for this specific vault?

  1. 1.4.11
  2. Windows 10 Pro 18362.175 (non insider)
  3. Don’t understand :cry:

The error appears only for vaults created inside microsd card. Local hard drive is fine, no problem

Regarding point 3.

At first you click at the small cogwheel under the vault list and then you look at your preferred volume type.