Almost complete vault on all devices deleted while using dropbox smart sync

Hey there,

I’m using cryptomator with Ubuntu 18.4. and Dropbox.

While my hard drive became almost full. I used Dropbox smart sync to reduce the number of files stored on my notebook.

While I did this I saw messages that thousands of files have been deleted. (On the Dropbox and all connected devicec)

35000 Files and 6GB have been deleted only from my cryptomator vault. less than 100 files have been left. And I did not work within the folder or with Cryptomator at this time.

I’m just recovering the files from the Dropbox history which is not really working well. Currently, it looks good.

Anyhow. Is this a known issue and how may I prevent it in the future?


While I don’t have any experience with Dropbox, I would suggest getting in touch with them as well to see if they can restore your account to a certain state before you lost data. It might be easier for them.

To be clear: Cryptomator Desctop does not sync. That’s the job of your dropbox sync client. So as @App_User already mentioned, you are better off with your question at Dropbox support.

Restoring is not the problem. It was just really time consuming therefore I’d like to avoid it.

To specify myself:

The problem was that >99 % or over >80% (the third time) of the files in the open cryptomator vault have been deleted. Suddenly, without me having worked on these files at this time. Three times in total yesterday and the day before.

No file outside the container has been deleted. No file has been deleted while the vault was closed and the Cryptomator software wasn’t active. No file have been deleted unintentionally on my Ubuntu System the 9 months before since I set it up. And no file on the rest of my Dropbox which is 15 times bigger. (but less important.)

Dropbox probably only synced the deletion.

So I would not rule out that it might have something to do with Cryptomator.

What I just remembered: The vault was opened in an invisible directory in the Linux structure “”. The first few days, when the deletions have not yet occurred, I did not specify the folder where the vault should show the decrypted files.

So does anyone have any idea what might have happened there?