All files Gone from Cryptomator vault when turning my PC back on

today, i had forgotten my password to my crypt vault, and decided to use my recovery key to change my password. When opening my crypt vault, all my documents were gone. last time i had used my computer, all i did was shut it down, and i dont remember editing my vault in any way.

does anyone know what might have happened, and if i can somehow recover my files within my vault?

Seems like you used a wrong recovery key.
This will lead to the described behaviour.
Please double check that you use the suitable recovery key for the vault you want to recover.
You will not get an error message if you do not use the corresponding recovery key, you will instead see a empty vault.


I believe i have used the wrong recovery key, as i am getting an error when using my vault.
am i able to use my correct recovery key to open my vault to get all my files back?

Michael, i may never meet you in my life, but if we ever meet, i will buy you a drink lmao.
thanks to you, i was able to save all my files by using the right recovery key this time. i would like to deeply thank you for helping me out, as i have now all my work back. many thanks Michael, you are a hero mate.


You’re welcome. :slight_smile:
Dont forget to do you backups :wink: