After misstyping Password, cannot go back and enter the correct one

Good evening,

when I wanted to enter my password to acces the vault, I misstyped it. The window turns grey, the wheel turns and turns (actually vitually forever) but I do not get an error message to tell me that the Password is incorrect. When I closed the Window with the “X” on the top right corner, the windows closes. But if I type the correct password (checked with the Eye function), the same thing happens: Window turns grey and wheel turns forever.

Closing the Cryptomator window and then start again does not help.

Only chance that I could figure out to open the vault is shutting down the computer and restart it or - found out today - to agree to swith to a new version.

Apart from hoping that someone can give me an easier solution: It would be good to get a prompt telling the user that the Password is not correct. Is this possible?

Thank you


Hi Walter,

this is not normal behavior. If i enter the wrong password, the input window wiggles briefly, and the “wrong” password is highlighted so i can re-enter it. This happens immediately and both with Dokany and WebDAV.
Which version of cryptomator are you using? which version of Dokany?
Any WARN or ERROR Messages in your logfile?

Hello Michael,

thank you for your feedback and gald to know that this is not normal behavior:

Cryptomator Version: 1.5.6 (-exe 166)
Version of Dokany: How do I find this?
Error Messages: Yes, some in the Log File (but this is very long!). How can I send this to you?

Best regards


Either in your windows software list (where you also can uninstall software) or in the Cryptomator log file when starting Cryptomator.

You should copy the error and warn messages into this post. So everyone can see it and can help or bring in ideas. (Especial developers of Cryptomator, which I am not). If you are unsure you can send me a „Firefox send“ link via private message and I’ll have a look into it.

Hello Michael

thank you for your feedback. Actually, I changed my laptop 2 days ago and now with the new laptop it works fine. It shows the same behaviour as the one described by you.

Best regards,