After file Encryption data still visible on Synology NAS by android phone

I installed Cryptomator on my Win11 laptop and made a folder on my NAS. I closed the volt, but can still view the data by opening the NAS software on my android 11 mobile. No password asked.

Then your data is obviously not encrypted on your NAS.
are you sure you put your data into the virtual drive and not in the vault directory on your NAS?

I Lost you?

I made a encrypted folder on my NAS. In that folder was a Word document telling me this is your encrypted folder. I moved data into that folder, thinking that it encrypts.

Where should I find the virtual drive, and is this not the same as the folder I created?

If you see the Word document, then you are right.
I was curious, because new users usually do not use a folder as mount point, but the standard configured “virtual drive”. Or do you just call your vault a “folder”? Maybe here’s a misunderstanding.
If your vault is locked, then the word document (and all other content) should not be available anymore.
I actually have no idea why you can see your files with your NAS App other than that the files are also stored anywhere outside your vault.

Oke I now made a new virtual drive E: on my NAS. I copied a file in that drive and that works.

But scary as hell, the virtual drive makes some files in that drive that may not be touched or moved. But they are visible by all hardware that can log in to my NAS.

SO, if someone hacks my NAS and tampers with those files, All my data is lost?

Yes. Cryptomator is to protect data privacy, not data security. To cover data loss, you have to do backups.

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