After decryption files not usable

After the decryption through the opening of the safe the files (epub, pdf) aren’t readable anymore. By trying to open them in Calibri or drawboard (pdf), this stunning news appear: “the file content is corrupted and couldn’t be repaired / der dateiinhalt ist beschädigt und konnte nicht repariert werden.” This is still the case after an hour or so (I thought it would be a question of the time the decryption may need).
I would appreciate anys and especially helpful suggestions :wink:

I have just noticed that the file isn’t readable anymore just after the process of copying it in the safe-drive of cryptomator. The type is webdav.

Windows 11
bitlocker aktivated
Surface pro 8

I recommend using FUSE I stead of WebDAV

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Thanks to Michael the problem has been soved (the loss of data remains).
I would recommend to emphasize the problem of the virual file system at the beginning of the installation process of cryptomator.
I found this really helpful: WinFSP: How to use it - Knowledge Base / Guides - Cryptomator Community
Problems solved! Cryptomator is awesome!

WinSFP or WebDAV ist just the virtual file system that is used to show your files in the explorer.
The encryption and decryption is done by Cryptomator.
This is why you can choose between FUSE, WebDAV, dokany at any time.