Add S3 Bucket with existiing safe failed

I’m trying to access an s3 bucket with an existing safe. I’ve created it using the android app, where it works properly.
I’ve taken all the settings according to the s3-bucket settings from the android device.
Within the hostname is https:// mentioned. But this is not the case in android.
If I fill out the hostname with it says that no host is found. If I remove the https://, just leaving the cryptomator crashes.
Serverside is a minio s3 bucket. But this might not be a problem, because android works properly
How can I access the safe? Is the issue known?

Replying to myself:
The ios-app doesn’t support path based buckets. It was a limitation of the aws-ios-sdk. This limitation is not there anymore, so I hope that the devs of cryptomator will update to the newest aws-ios-sdk and implement the path based buckets. So it’s also usable for them like the android client.