Add license validator to iOS/Android (make apps free through a premium unlock all license)

I was looking to replace my current application and use cryptomator. I was going to buy a license via Windows to support the project, and then realized I should check to see if there was an iOS app since I access my items via mobile as well.

When I went to the app store there it is $8.99 for the app. Thus as a user would have needed to pay twice to get features they have in other applications. This is also a sub-optimal user experience. Pay for the desktop app but also then each phone app; where-as a phone user only paid for the phone app first and will not be inclined to pay for the desktop app. It would feel more balanced to charge a one price to access all premium features; plus cryptomator would not be leaving ~$6 on the table for phone only users (Desktop is $15).

In this way a license is not simply Dark Mode but also access to the mobile apps. This would still support the spirit of free open source, but also cover expenses.

Thank You.

In short: No.

We could have made the desktop app $60 and the phone apps free, but that would be unfair to people who don’t care about mobile.

Furthermore, you’re free to use the desktop app free of charge, so your above statement is just wrong. There are no and never will be features that require a donation key other than the mere L&F.

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