Accessing vault on NAS drive?

Hello. Newbie here. I started with Cryptomator on my Win10 PC and successfully created vaults on both the hard drive and my NAS drive - my ‘local cloud’. (It is a Synology DS118)

So then I installed the Android Cryptomator app on my Galaxy Note4. But while I can access both the internal phone memory and the SD card, I cannot ‘see’ my NAS drive.

Am I missing something?


You will need to enable WebDAV to access the synology from android, and sett the connection up in cryptomator manually.

Thanks for you quick response, Amiga1200Gamer. I’ve been happily using Solid Explorer to access the NAS (and other) drives, but I’ll explore WebDAV. Do you happen to know if I have to do something to the Synology to enable this? Rgds, Bob

Solid explorer supports “smb” windows style local networking, Cryptomator is more geared towards cloud use, so unfortunately does not.

You’ll probably have to install Synology webdav server from the package centre and configure it. a quick google search brings this up


Goodness! I am so grateful. I’d seen references to WebDAV and had no idea what it was or what it was for that I ignored it. I’ll have a go and report back here on how I get in.

Again, I am very grateful for your help


Tarrar! Success.

I still don’t really know what I’m doing but having created a secure vault on my NAS with CryptoMator on the PC, I can now open it and access the files from my phone.

Once more, my great thanks, Amiga1200Gamer

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