Accessing Google Cloud Shared Drive on Cryptomator iOS


I recently had access to an unlimited shared drive and stored my files (mainly videos) on my vault. I bought the Cryptomator app to access them, unfortunately I do not see any options to open an existing vaults for shared drives. Is there any way to access my encrypted folder on a shared drive via my iPhone?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Hi. Shared files (and vaults are just files) should be available in your google drive as soon as you have access to them. Means: when you connect your your google drive via iOS app, you should see the vault files and therefore should be able to connect the vault.
(Please note: Im not using shared vaults, Just talking about my experience with shared google files in general)

I have the same issue, but on the Android version.
I’m not able to see the “Shared drives”, only the “My Drive” files/folders.

Does this help?