Access to old vault format by android v 1 5.2


I used cryptomator desktop ver 1.4.0 and android cer 0.7 beta

i didn’t upgraded desktop app because i can’t access to my desktop computer because of some physical health issues.

today i want access that old vaults by cryptomator android 1.5.2 and before taking any action, wanted to know may this will cause an issue to me? or android app will upgrade my old format vaults to new format successfully?

after that, can i access my files with 1.4.0 on desktop or i must then upgrade it also?

Thank you

The mobile versions of Cryptomator (Android and iOS) doesn’t upgrade the vault format. This part is handled exclusively by the desktop app.

Cryptomator for Android in version 1.5.2 does support vault version 5, 6 and 7. When you used before Cryptomator desktop version 1.4.0 and Android version 0.7 beta your vaults currently have vault version 6 which means that you can access the vault using the latest Cryptomator for Android without any concerns.

You do not need to update the desktop app to access the vault, but would highly recommend it if possible.