Access to my encrypted files on my Synology NAS (e.g. DSM webinterface)

I’m searching for following solution:

I have two desktop computers and two android devices.
I sync my files to all devices with my Synology NAS via Synology drive.
I want that the files are encrypted at the clients and the NAS.
I want to sync my files individually and not as one big container.

For that i found the tool “Cryptomator”.
My only question is, how can i access my encrypted files at my NAS storage for example at the webinterface of the Synology Diskstation.

Install a Linux in docket. Share the encrypted folders to Linux. Install Linux version cryptomator.

Could you explain this approach in little bit more detail?
It doesn’t seem there is an official Cryptomator CLI docker container available or maintained by the Cryptomator team. Additionally, this would create another share on the Synology which get’s exposed as any other share? Or can you limit the access to local user’s access only?