Access to Cryptomator safe blocked after 1 minute

I have been having problems with permanently mounting safes (v1.5.8) under windows 10 for some time. I can successfully unlock my safes as usual and access them normally in explorer. But after about 1 minute I lose access to them and an error message appears. The drive letter remains the same, but there are no more files visible and the files can no longer be accessed. This also happens during a copy process or when the file is opened in a program. Cryptomator shows the drive as unlocked.

Fehlermeldung Cryptomator 2020-09-13

I uninstalled and reinstalled Cryptomator today. Same problem.
Any solution suggestions?

Many greetings

well, I assume a bit more information is needed to figure out why your system is disconnection the virtual drive.
Which Mount Typ? (Dokany? WebDAV?). If Webdav: which version?
Any WARN or ERROR Messages in the Logfile?

I have had the same issue I have been living with since I first started using Cryptomator about a year ago. I am using Dokany. I have not been able to see any patterns. Sometimes, it would immediately exhibit the behavior. Sometimes, it would do so after a minute or so (like the original poster describes). Sometimes, it will randomly do it hours or days after unlocking. I feel like this little bug or whatever it is, keeps the product from being perfect. I would appreciate any suggestions on how to track down why this may be happening.

I use Windows 10, Dokany and do not get any error messages. As already mentioned Cryptomator shows the vault as unlocked even if I don’t have access to it anymore.
I’ve been using Cryptomator for many years and only have this problem since Cryptomator converted the old vaults. But the problem did not occur immediately. I always use the latest version of Cryptomator and the problem first appeared about 3 months ago. I have not made any major changes to my system.
I think since version 1.5.0 the problem occurred for the first time. But also here not with all safes.

Hi, a number of users have reported the issue.

Temporary solution: