Access the same files on two computers and a mobile phone

I have a pixel 7 pro with android. A laptop that runs on Windows 11 and another laptop that runs on windows 10. I need to stay on this computer with windows 10 due to old software that would not work on a newer laptop. I want to save and read from one vault only. Is that possible via Onedrive? I initially installed Cryptomator on my windows 11 laptop and android mobile phone, pixel 7 pro. I can share the same vault and read the same files on either. No problem up to this. But when I installed Cryptomator, I could not select the vault I had created in my windows 11 laptop via OneDrive. How do you do that? I hope my request is clear.



I assume you mean your windows 10 machine.
Please make sure that all encrypted vault files are fully synced from OneDrive to your windows 10 machine. After that add the vault to the cryptomator app (select existing vault).
See documentation here for details: