Access open Tresor via WebDav with other APP like in Widow to mout Volume as Drives

Access open Tresor via WebDav with other APP like in Widow to mout Volume as Drives.
There are FileManager to access Files for example to edit in TextMaker without export or share.
I would line to access My Data when the Tresor is open something like mountet vor linked to a folder.
I prefere to sync With FolderSync My crypted Folder Form PCloud and access My Data fast er, especialy when I go trough all subfolders.
I can not find any link to My Tresor orbfor Security to set a password to access per webdaw

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Instead of hosting a WebDAV server on the smartphone, we’ll use a so called document provider. See here for more information:

I want to access the data in my opened tresor in my Android phone in the APP of Cryptomator linke in Windows via Webdaw. The crypted data is stored in the SD card. I do not want to access my files with share, export and import. I want to access the decryted files i a routet vor linker folder. Vor with another APP

I understand, but you don’t need WebDAV to do that. It’s much better to use a document provider. As shown in the screenshot, there is then a Cryptomator entry in the file manager, which you can use to access the vault content. This allows you to access the vault content not only in the file manager itself, but also with any third party app that accesses files via the file manager.

Or with another APP via Webdav. This access to my fault/tresor I am searching the link like in windows standing next to the tresor.
I want to access my crypted data via Webdaw and not accessing my crypted files with cryptomator

I can not find this entery in Cryptomator

In the gut hub I do not find anything or I do not See it

I’ve tried to explain how we will support it in the future. Currently it is not possible to access the vault content from outside of the Cryptomator app but this will change as soon as we implement the document provider which will be the next big feature we tackle down.

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Thanks, because I was searching and could not find. What do you think it will be finished. A Webdaw access with login you can choose would be gold es well. The tresor is very proof open in background. Really impsessive gold.