Access from two devices

I installed Cryptomator on my PC and created a tresor, T1. Then I bought Cryptomator for my mobile, installed it and created a tresor, T2. Now, from my PC, when I open Cryptomator, there is only ONE tresor, namely T1. When I open Cryptomator from my mobile, there again is only ONE tresor, namely T2. But on Google Drive which is my cloud provider, I see both my tresors, T1 AND T2. Question: How can I access tresor T2 from my PC, how can I access tresor T1 from my mobile? Thanks for any advice!

Hi Pete, I’d say that’s expected behavior as the Cryptomator settings don’t get synced between devices. All you need to do is to “Open Existing Vault” (the menu next to “Create new Vault”), point to the respective folder in Google Drive and done.
On your mobile point to T1, and on your PC point to T2.