Access cryptomator vaults from WSL

Hi everyone, is there any chance to access to mounted (under windows) cryptomator vault from wsl ?
Unfortunately under wsl I can see only /mnt/c but no other mounted volumes. Alternatively is it possible to mount them directly from wsl ?

If not in both case I’ll use a virtual machine with native linux.

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A bump on this one. Recent convert to cryptomator, and I would like to use my bash scripts on my windows machine to do some file processing.

I found several net posts on the issue (none on this forum). Some say that cryptomator should automount in WSL. Others tell me to do it manually, but it doesn’t work.

  • I have updated my WSL to the newest version, using WSL2
  • “sudo mount -t drvfs w: /mnt/w”, where w: is my cryptomator drive, returns the error “invalid argument”

<3>WSL (108) ERROR: MountWithRetry:307: mount(drvfs, /mnt/w, 9p, 0x00000000, cache=mmap,msize=262144,trans=virtio,aname=drvfs;path=w:;symlinkroot=/mnt/) failed: Invalid argument


Managed to solve it through tinkering.

If I change the Cryptomator volume type from WinFsp to WinFsp (Local Drive), I could magically mount the drive. Checking back on the Cryptomator documentation I found this:


Vaults mounted to a drive letter are only accessible to the current user. If you want to access the vault as a different/elevated user, use either

  • the UNC path if using WinFsp (e.g, \\cryptomator-vault\secretFiles for a vault named “secretFiles”),
  • or mount to a directory if using WinFsp (Local Drive).

So I guess my wsl user just didn’t have access.