Access a network vault from Android via ftp?

I’ve established a vault on an external HDD mounted to my server. Prior to encrypting the data therein, I was able to connect to that particular volume from my Android tablet using ES File Explorer.

Is there any way to use the Cryptomator Android app to connect to this vault?

I assume that this is what Cyberduck does on the various other OSs’. I’m looking for similar Android functionality. Any suggestions?

We have a feature request for FTP support on GitHub and it is likely that we will eventually add this for both Android and iOS. :slight_smile:

Until then, if you have admin privileges on your server, you might want to install a WebDAV server software and connect to your HDD via WebDAV.

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Thanks for the "heads-up"and for the suggestion of a current workaround, Sebastian!

hey thanks for this. It helped. I did remind of this guide to login into my router. I’m glad that the heads up worked for all of us!

Couldn’t have agreed more to this post. I was also looking for Cryptomator Android app to connect to this vault and this step by step process to login into