Accented Vowels as Folder Path in OneDrive seems unsupported

Keeping it short, seems that “OneDrive - Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá” can’t be accessed by Cryptomator.

This is technically a business(?) onedrive but from university. My options were between posting an issue on github (which Idk if such an issue was already submitted) or change my onedrive folder name, which according to what I could find, requires me to touch registry keys which are a big spook for me, specially so if I plan to have my onedrive folder on multiple computers, which would require me to do the steps of editing registry keys all over again


Does it work if you select “Custom location” instead and then navigate to the same OneDrive folder?

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Yes, using custom location works without an issue

All right, thank you for confirming this workaround! Of course, we’ll have to fix this issue nevertheless in an update. We’re pretty sure why this happens (wrong encoding used when reading from registry key) so thank you for reporting this!

I created a ticket in our issue tracker for the problem: