Absolute Path Of Virtual Drive

What are the folders absolute path that are linked to the virtual drive letter created by a vault?

I’m not sure i understand your question correctly.

Ultimatively, the virtual drive is linked to your vault storage location (can be seen in the Cryptomator UI). But otherwise there are no-other linked folders. Cryptomator de-/encrypts on the fly, meaning that encrypted files are kept in the OS-protected memory section of the Cryptomator process.

If you are using Dokany for access, there is something called the Object Directory of the Dokany Device. But you can’t directly access it.

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I assumed your using subst cmd in windows to link a folder to a vault drive letter but it doesn’t seem to work that way from your last post.on my os image backup software the cryptomator vault drive letters don’t show up as a place to save my iso files I was hoping there was a folder on the back end I could save to instead of only the vault drive letter

You can configure a folder as custom mount point in your vault setting. Then you have a folder as vault path instead of a drive letter.
(Only available if you use the default connector dockany)

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good god how did i miss that i’ve been pulling my hair out over this iam using dockany this will work perfect thanks for all the responses