About baidu netdisk

This giant chinese company is providing large space for free and I’m pretty much sure that many folks who know how to translate its content into their choice of language would love to make use of that or already using. But, before I make any move towards it I want to make sure that I can encrypt my data on the fly. So, is it possible with cryptomator?

Note: I can access baidu pan with a file explorer I use on my Android. So, assuming it’s a possibility.

To use a cloud storage provider with the android app, there must be a WebDAV interface provided. The android app connects directly to the cloud storage via WebDAV. So If baidu offers a WebDAV connection then it is most likely possible to use with android.

The Cryptomator desktop app does only the encryption, not the sync to the online storage. So you can use it with any cloud storage provider that offers a sync client.