A question about syncing with Dropbox

I have a question about syncing.

This is what I am trying to accomplish:
I have a journaling app on my Windows PC which syncs via Dropbox (or optionally Google drive) to my iPhone. Is it possible to be able to use my journal app as normal and for it to sync as usual but also to be protected by Cryptomator?

I read an old post somewhere about “Cyberduck” but I wasn’t too sure what to make of it as it was getting a little too technical for me!

I’m not very technically minded so please explain like I’m 8 years old :blush:

How does the journal app sync via Dropbox/Drive? Does it have an built-in option or do you use Dropbox/Drive?

It has built-in option. If I go to the journal settings and then “sync” option it brings up a choice of Dropbox, Google drive and iCloud and WebDAV and when I choose a sync option I am then prompted to sign into the service (all without leaving the journal app)

If it helps here is a link to the journal app.

You cannot configure cryptomator as a kind of middleware.
If your app supports a sync with a local file, you can choose an unlocked vault as destination. And if the vault is synced (for example with Dropbox) you can configure your app the same way, means to look into the synced vault.

Thank you for your help :smiley: