A few questions from a newbie

Dear Cryptomator experts,
I have some questions on the desktop version for Windows 10 Enterprise version:

  • Do I have permission to install and use Cryptomator on a company laptop? Does the license allow commercial use? I don´t plan to use it for my job anyway, but just to encrypt some personal files on private cloud, but since it would be a company laptop, I would like to have this question clarified.

  • Am I able to install Cryptomator without administrator privilege, similar to the One drive App from Microsoft?

  • Can I store the container directly in the cloud, and not in any sync folder? In this case, the cloud folder would be from 1&1 Cloud-Speicher, with this instruction from 1&1 to connect it as network drive, so it won´t be a sync folder as we know it from Microsoft One-drive for example.

Thank you very much in advance for advice.


Yes it does

Most likely not. Basically, it depends on the rights management of your organization whether you are allowed to install software or not (regardless of whether you are an administrator or not).

In theory that works. But usually (my experience) organisation do not allow their users to create network drives. And from my experience the performance of such (Webdav) connections is often very poor.

Hi Michael,
Thank you for your quick response.
In term of question 2 “installation without admin privilege”, we are allowed in our company to install software without admin access as long as the license question is clarified and the software does not require any admin right to be installed. For example we are using MS Teams which does not require any admin privilege and can be installed in %userprofile% folder only.

So my question is only technical: can Cryptomator be installed without admin right and will it then function without any limitation?

There is a portable version for Cryptomator on Windows: https://portapps.io/app/cryptomator-portable/

But have the disclaimer from the Cryptomator-Website in mind:

The portable app is a community effort and not officially provided and maintained by Skymatic.

Thanks for the advice. Yes, I am aware of the portable version, but would prefer to use the original version :slight_smile:

No, because Cryptomator is installed as a system wide application. Up to now a per-user installation is not supported.

Ah… I am not the only newbie here with this question :slight_smile:
I do hope there will be an ‘official’ portable version one day.