A couple of questions: Spotlight for MacOS and Sharing Vaults with Google Stream Drive

Hi, Spotlight working with Cryptomator is a deal breaker for me. I understand it has been broken for years now.

Is there likely to be a concerted effort by the developers where the code for Cryptomator is likely to materially change where this becomes a top priority so that Spotlight can work, and be sustainable. I get MacOS has significantly evolved and to achieve this really will require a significant re-write. My question is - is it likely to happen? My understanding that the entire way a drive mounts with fusion would have to change as well.

My second question - if using google drive (streaming, not having all the files downloaded and stored locally) will cryptomator work, and secondly, can I share that cryptomator drive with someone else so that we both have access to it and it syncs using streaming so we both have the same copy?

With thanks.


Google File Stream: Works for me.
Sharing: see here: How do I share files with others?

Me too - hope that SPOTLIGHT is on TOP PRIORITY list of CM developers team.

Any time line available?

Thank you.