4.6G in 5 hours?

Hello all … I’m a new user and wondering if it takes that long to encrypt? I’m copying them into the mapped drive and it’s moving all right …

Hi. Where is your vault located?
Which OS? Dokany or WebDAV?

To answer your question without any further info: the encryption should be way faster. In my environment there’s quite no difference between coping into the vault and a „normal“ file copy

Win10. I’m not using WebDAV so it must be Dokany

The estimated time is like 1 day but after a long time … it starts to reduce the time and did it in about an hour. Seems to be going thru the files but percentage is always 0%

After some time then it starts to move. I was expecting it to copy like normal.

And this is what my experience is (same environment)
My vault is located on my internal HD. Where is yours?