100% price increase?

I’m checking the price for the cryptomator app regularly, waiting for a small discount to make it affordable for me.
Today unfortunately, I noticed that the price was doubled (!), from 4.99€ to 9.99€. Now I wonder, why this step was made. I really hope this was somehow a mistake. Don’t get me wrong, I know they have to earn money. I’m just a broke student and buying this app now is even more difficult for me.

Im pretty sure this isn’t a mistake.

Offtopic, but I have to mention my personal opinion to this:
I am always very disappointed when I hear how little people seem to value the protection of their most personal data. 10 bugs! Even for the poorest students (who can obviously afford a mobile phone despite their poverty) this should not be a problem. And if I’m wrong and it IS a problem: well the mobile apps are an addon, thanks to the guys for offering the desktop version free of charge for everyone.


Why was the price of the mobile app increased? It used to be $3.99 and now it’s $9.99. Any explanations? I was considering buying it for a long time and got the money, but this significant price bump is making me doubt.

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Gosh! You’re right! I’m so confused about this increase. What explains it?:open_mouth:

We have kept the price low since the initial release of Cryptomator back in 2016. Our goal is to make Cryptomator accessible to as many people as possible and this is why we decided to distribute the desktop application under pay-what-you-want terms.

In the past we thought about increasing the price of the mobile apps several times, but voted against it for the same reason. We have now reached a point where we could no longer postpone this decision. As before, we aim to avoid further increments for the coming years.

We are aware that buying power vastly depends on the region you’re living in. The app store is pretty ignorant of this fact, that’s why we’re currently evaluating alternative distribution models that allow more flexible pricing.

That said, we are still convinced that ten bucks for your privacy is an excellent deal compared to the alternatives. Where I am living this is less than one pizza, which for sure has not years of development put into it.


I fully support the increase, in particular in combination with the donation-based pricing for the desktop version. And yes, please look into more intelligent pricing metrics, e.g. freemium + pay-per-use? To the crowd: donation-based assumes that at least some people are donating … so go for it!

I absolutely do not agree on your pizza example: it has taken centuries for mankind and years for the individual chef to be able to offer the delicious 10-buck pizza from the excellent Italian around the corner :sunglasses::grinning:

Haha, true. But I guess neither does the price of the pizza pay for generations of Roman chefs, nor does the price for the app pay for the generations of mathematicians and watchmakers who built the first mechanical calculating machines. :point_up::man_teacher: