1.7.3 decrypted folders do not display in Windows Explorer

I upgraded to 1.7.3 from 1.7.2, and now Windows explorer does not display the decrypted folders. I can open them from cryptomator (reveal drive) and the links to the files in the two folders seem to work, but I can not browse the decrypted folders. I did a complete uninstall including WinFsp, rebooted and reinstalled 1.7.2. With this version the decrypted folders show up in Windows Explorer again.
Running Windows 11 Pre 22H2 build 22621.1413

Let’s stay in the correct vocabulary, otherwise one can misunderstand you. Because currently, reading your post makes no sense to me.

In the Cryptomator app, you work with vaults (create, lock, unlock, etc…). When you unlock a vault, it gets mounted into the operating system, such that you can browse the vault content with the os default file manager. After unlock, you can reveal the mount location, meaning that this location is opened in the os default file manager.

What I understand now, is that you can unlock and reveal a vault, but you cannot browse through it. In general, those things are coupled, so if you can reveal , you can also browse it. You have to explain yourself more, in order to help you.

OK, replace “folder” with vault. Once mounted they “did” not show up in the os explorer even though the files in the vault could be accessed from shortcuts.

I did a complete uninstall of Cryptomator and WinFsp, rebooted and then reinstalled 1.7.3. It now works properly, so it was apparently an installation error. All is good now on three Windows 10 and the Windows 11 machines.