[1.6.15+] Many warnings in Health Check: Missing id

Hello Community,

with the last update of Cryptomator Desktop to version 1.6.15, running the health check on longer existing vaults yielded an unpleasant surprise: A worrisome amount of warnings. :grimacing:

This post explains what the warnings are about, why they can’t be fixed in one click and also why you don’t have to worry about them.

The What About

The warnings we are talking about have description similar to the following text:

WARN - Directory ID backup for directory 5R\YMVEHF2VLXM44L3NHT4LGVJMJQTGP3 is missing.

To increase resiliency, we added to Cryptomator 1.6.9 the feature of dirid.c9r files. Beginning from that version, every new directory created inside a vault has such a backup file. Already existing directories do not have it.

We also discussed add the file silently to already existing dirs, but decided against it: Modifying vault structure without a migration is dangerous, additionally it would cause a lot of user concern when their cloud sync starts running even though they just browsed the vault content.

Instead, we decided to use an already existing feature to notify users about missing dirid.c9r files: the health check.

The Why not All-in-one

Adding it to the health check has one drawback, though: Only one dirid.c9r file can be added at a time. This restriction results from the philosophy of the health check to make the user aware, what is fixed and a simple programming API to quickly deliver this feature.

The fix-all-feature is implemented with version 1.6.16 :tada:

The Don’t Worry

As you can read in the documentation, the following holds for the dirid.c9r feature: It is…

  1. solely optional;
  2. not vital for the vault structure and
  3. only needed for data recovery.

Also, we will work on an improvement for possible lot health check warnings. Wether this will be a fix-all-button in the gui or something else is still in the discussion.


A fix-all-button would be ideal, but until then could you implement keyboard functionality? Going through thousands of entries manually is tedious enough, but having to do it all with a mouse makes it much worse. For example, the Arrow key to navigate between entries, Spacebar to select, and Enter to confirm. Upon pressing Enter the item would be fixed and the next entry would be automatically highlighted. So to get through an entire list the user would just keep hitting the Spacebar and Enter key.

Also, just a heads up: the “Many Warnings in Health Check” post does not seem to have the proper credentials as I (a regular user) have the option to edit the post.

See this topic regarding this issue Health check: fix all issues · Issue #2483 · cryptomator/cryptomator · GitHub

Are you completely sure? Tried it with a test account and can not edit this post.
Do you see a pencil with “Edit” in the bottom of the post?

Screenshot from 2022-11-02 12-32-32

I tested it with a test account and can not edit this post.

For the record: function added with Version 1.6.16