1.53 Many empty files in container with file extension .$sshnew$ and .$sshold$

Hi there!

In one of my vaults, a lot of empty files and directories are created, with the file extension .$sshnew$ and .$sshold$.

I haven’t found anything on this yet. Is this a known issue? And can I just delete these without causing trouble?

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Welcome to the Cryptomator community :slight_smile:

Cryptomator does not create any files or directories inside a vault. Some other application must access your vault and places these files there.

You need to search which application is creating these files, otherwise this question can’t be answered with certainty. A quick google search indicates, that maybe the software MonkeyBread FileMaker plugin places these files.

Hi Infeo,

Thank you for your response!

Good to know that these files are not created by Cryptomator. Perhaps they are created by using document scanner software that scans to the Cryptomator Vault (ScanSnap Home). However I don’t see what this has to do with SSH, so I’m not sure.

I will check this with Scansnap just to be certain.

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