1.5 upgrade => LOST half of my files

Happy user since 4 months, I just upgraded to the new version. It took almost 10 hours for dropbox to sync, and I only have 50% of my files… The other 50% are just not there anymore. I did it on my home computer which runs on win10.

The vault was initialy created on my laptop. This one is on Win8.1, and I can’t install the new app.

I’m really sad… Is there a way to have my files back ???
Sorry for my english lvl.

Anything suspicious in the log file or the upgrade log?

Do you want me to copy/paste the content of cryptomator 0/4/9 .log files ?

There should be a log file especially for the migration. You can post it here, but be aware that it contains filepathes and other personal information. You might want to edit it before posting.

Ok, first of all thanks for your help.

So, when I open with WEBdav, I just have like 50% of my file.
I just tried with Dokany, it’s better, I have like 75%.

But there is a lot of file missing, especially those in deep folders, I mean with a long path.

On the log part, in cryptomator0.log, I have a lot of this type of error :
7:37:15.000 [webdav-013] WARN org.eclipse.jetty.server.HttpChannel - /hiddenByMe*/Prive/GS41/Articles java.nio.file.NoSuchFileException: /GS41/Articles/idees articles.txt: Could not determine type of file C:\Users\

I also have a lot of ‘Will be ignored in file listing’ like :
20:33:06.947 [Thread-177480] DEBUG o.c.frontend.dokany.ReadWriteAdapter - (10639) findFiles(): IO error accessing ****PathHiddenByMe/menu.php. Will be ignored in file listing.

But I honestly don’t have the required skill to give you the best infos from the debug file. I can send it to you, to avoid publishing it here, if you want.

Mhm locks to me like the files are there but cannot be read. Can you make the files available offline and then test this again? I assume you are using an on demand function of dropbox. That would explain the long migration process.

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Ok, on my windows file explorer, in Dropbox folder, I selected the Vault, right clicked and selection “local sync”.
I think it’s downloading all the files in my computer, but estimated time is two days…

There is a file called upgrade.log. If there were any problematic files, it will contain more info.

Feel free to send it in via PN.

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It finally took much less time than expected to “sync local” in dropbox. And know I can see all my files. FYI, it works perfectly with WEBdav and Dokany.

So, I will make a copy (I should have did it before!!!) and try to change the options in Dropbox to only store my files in the cloud and see if your software still work. I will let you know.

Thanks a lot Michael !!!
Also thank you Overheadhunter for your message.