[1.5.6] Error accessing directory with ~17000 files

I created a vault on a mounted NAS network drive with the Dokany driver. After copying some subdirectory (~17.000 files, ~9GB) to the vault I tried accessing the directory with Explorer. I get a “Location is not available. - Insufficient system resources exist to complete requested service” error box.

Have you tried this?

Where would I change the custom mount flags? Preferences does not list any of the above.

maybe you are looking at the wrong preferences

  1. check cryptomator settings that volume type is "Dokany)
  2. go to vault settings
  3. switch to 2nd tab “Volume” (or similar)
  4. enable “custom mount point”
  5. edit/check/enter the flags in the textfield right below the checkbox


Doh, I never identified the Vault Options below the Unlock Now button as a clickable item. Didn’t have enough visual clues. I tried a right click on the Vault in the left panel list - that only has a Remove Vault menu item, though. Thanks.