1.5.19 macOS shows empty vault - solved: FUSE vault treated as WebDAV

Hi there,

after upgrading to 1.5.19 (macOS Catalina), my Dropbox-vault suddenly appeared to be empty.
I reinstalled Cryptomator and Dropbox (after I deleted my complete Dropbox-folder). No result.

Afterwards I realised that my other MacBook, where the vault appeared to be ok, was still on 1.5.15. Reinstalled that version on my faulty machine. That didn’t help either. But then I saw, that Vault Type (? “Laufwerkstyp”) was set to WebDAV. After I set it to FUSE again, everything was fine again. BUT: Reverting to 1.5.19 made the FUSE-option disappear altogether.

So: I’m fine using 1.5.15, but I guess there’s something wrong with 1.5.19.


We increased the minimum supported FUSE version, but yet don’t have a good concept in the UI how to show yours is outdated. Update to the most recent one and ensure you check in the system settings the permission box, see


Thanks very much. That did it!