1.5.0Beta2 Android Vault migration

I have joined the beta for 150 on android.
Everything seems ok. I can access and upload to my existing Gdrive vault, however i suspect this is running on the old vault format, as no files are renamed and there was no delay on initial vault unlock

Should beta2 be upgrading my existing vault, or do i need to do this on the desktop client?

That’s right, our mobile apps will not migrate vaults. Both versions can be actively used but will not migrate the vault from one version to another. Please use the desktop app for this.

The background is that data on the mobile devices is retrieved on demand and if, for example, the connection is lost during communication, the vault is not migrated completely, which will lead to problems.

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Thank you. I’ve left my Gdrive vault on version6 for now. I have migrated a different webdav vault to version 7 via linux desktop client. Both appear to be running ok through the android app ,regardless of being different vault formats.

:+1: thanks for the feedback!

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