[1.5.0+] Migration issues and Filename and Path Length with Vault Format 7

Hey Community,

with version 1.5.0 we introduced a new vault format and therefore, for old users a migration of the vaults were necessary. Around the new vault format and the migration towards it arised a lot of questions for you users. This thread tries to collect the most common ones an links to solutions and an in-depth info.

Questions around working with vaults of format 7

* What is the internal vault directory structure now?

In short, all files in your vault ending with .c9r or .c9s contains now either directly your encrypted data or links to it. For old users, there is no m directory anymore. You can read more about it in our docs.

* A File Name is too long

You need to shorten the filename of the _decrypted file and maybe also set a filename length limit. Read [1.5.0+] File name too long for how to do this.

Questions regarding Migration

* Why introducing a new vault format?

To increase robustness and performance, and to fix an issue with the Google Backup&Sync client. See Vault Format 7: Behind the scenes for an in-depth info.

* Can I open format 6 vaults with Cryptomator 1.5.0+?

No, you need to migrate them in order to unlock them.

* I want to go back to the old format.

There is no automatic conversion to an old format. You need to create a vault with Cryptomator 1.4.x and copy all data from format 7 vault to this one.

* The files and the m directory were deleted

They became obsolete and therefore were not needed anymore. Look at our docs for the new vault structure.

* I cannot migrate with error [YOUR ERROR]

There are some common errors in the migration process.

** Can’t base decode


** Access Denied

During migration, some files and directories will be deleted or renamed. In order to do that, Cryptomator needs proper read/write access. If this is not the case, this error is shown. The error message contains a file path to the not accessible file. Change the access rights of this file and maybe review the access rights of directory/other files contained in the directory.

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Would you be able to elaborate or point to a helpful FAQ or something in regards to the vault migration? Having a time trying to get these converted from six to seven and it times out every 7-8 hours. When I start the conversion again it does pick up where it left off but I’m hoping there no corruption.