1&1 Verschlüsselung

I am a german 1&1 customer and use 1&1 Verschlüsselung. The Windows app / IOS app are version 1.04. The original Cryptomator app has version 1.5.1. Is there an update for the 1&1 version? Is the 1&1 version still safe? Can I continue to trust 1&1 Verschlüsselung? Cryptomator advertises with 1&1.

Cryptomator is cooperating with 1&1.
Means, the app that 1&1 provides has cryptomator features included and uses (partially?) the open source code from cryptomator in their 1&1 app.
But it is still an own development by 1&1 and provided by 1&1.
You should be more successful if you place your questions at 1&1 support instead of this board.
I also doubt that the versioning of the 1&1 App equals the versioning of the cryptomator desktop app, because they are different apps with a different roadmap and release-plan (but that’s just a guess).

Thanks. 1&1 support says: The 1&1 encryption tool is no longer maintained by us. We are therefore unfortunately unable to provide you with a current update.
What can I do? The 1&1 Version is more then two years old.

Nothing much you can do about it other than switch to an other solution. Like Cryptomator :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thanks, I bought the Cryptomator app. Works perfectly on all devices. I am now satisfied.