Why is the iOS app not open source?

I’m willing to buy the app even after the price hike, but why is it not open source? That’s the only thing that’s restraining me from doing so.

An example of a paid app being source: AdGuard Pro.


It’s a good question. I’ve paid for this app but find it virtually useless because it doesn’t integrate with the iOS file browser functionality. This issue has been outstanding for over a year now.

If it was open source I’d be happy to see if I could contribute to rectifying the problem but it’s not as you pointed out.

I’m surprised you mention there has been a price hike when it still doesn’t have this functionality. I’m all for supporting open source and software entrepreneurship but it has to work.


Bumping this thread because as far as I can see it hasn’t been answered by the developers. See also this thread re: the Android app.

I really enjoy the app, but it advertises itself as “open source” while the mobile clients apparently are not. PrivacyTools.io also notes this.

Really this just needs some commentary from the developers. It’s not necessarily bad but it does deserve explanation.

I guess it is a legal problem related to licenses. The enablement to contribute by releasing the source code would be great. There are feature requests lingering on the GitHub repository since years now. Some of them are not that complicated to implement but still just idle.

Edit: I just found an explanation regarding the same issue with the Android app. It possibly is a reasonable monetarization decision.

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Agreed, the iOS app must be open-source, or at least audited by a reputable organization with a public report for every single released version.

How do I know that an outside authority hasn’t compelled a release to upload my keys to a random server? How can I check for bugs?!?

You need to monetize it, to pay for App Store and Pro fees? Totally understandable. Use an “awesome person key” (loosely phrased from memory) like the desktop app now uses. We’re perfectly happy to support the ecosystem, BUT MUST BE ABLE TO TRUST IT.

EDIT: Just to be clear, I love the Cryptomator project and all of the hard work and support put into it. I’ve supported nearly monthly as well as with the desktop key. Just saying this because upon re-reading my post, it seems a bit upset and I don’t want to give that impression. The dev team’s work is entirely appreciated.

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